Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm moving to LJ indefinitely. Maybe I'll post back here sometimes just for kicks.
Find the url on your own :D

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Love. Apathy. Sadness. Joy. Passion. Loathe. Frustration. Fear.


And I'd like a Dachshund. (:
I wish I was eighteen and had a car/motorbike/scooter - ANYTHING! That would be a whole lot better cos then I can just drive home after training and not reach home at ridiculous hours.

Prefably a nice motorbike or car. Only a scooter if it's like really old and retro.
My birthday's on the 13th of December. Thanks in advance. (:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

May I just say that I love my rifle. It's been giving me lots of 10s lately (:
*idiotic grin*

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I haven't done any physical activities (read: exercise) in a long while. Not even pull ups. Ugh. What a tub of lard.
Nvm la. There's morning run tmr morning to make me feel fit. The key word here being 'feel'. :D
I think I'll sleep on the floor tonight cos I'm just too lazy to put the bedsheet on the mattress hahaha
I don't know what I'm typing. It seems like totally random stuff to me. Is it? Probably is.

I like the word 'ponder'. It implies deep thought.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I aspire to be like clarence. Ima train ALOTALOT to break 570. HAH.

I spent 3 hours in class after school doing absolutely nothing productive. Well, shit.
Wellll... not exactly true. Charlene, Darren, Feng Hui and I (oooh I arranged their names in alphabetical order without even thinking! :DD) found out that mustard and digestive biscuits go quite well together, weird as it may seem. :D

I saw a bird pecking away at another wriggling grub this morning :D
I think caterpillars and all other wriggly animals are kinda gross but fun to observe nonetheless?
Yes, weird shiz.

ok i'm unbelievably sleepy now.

Monday, April 14, 2008


@!#$%@$!$%$@ I fell on my left foot again, at the freaking exact, same spot that I fell on a few weeks ago. So now my foot's swelling all over again and it's motherf****ing painful. Hurts like hell man. Good thing there are no competitions in the coming weeks hahahahaha

OMFG I SWEAR I AM FUCKING CLUMSY. I don't know how I survived 17 years without breaking anything (anything inside me that is. I've lost count of how many things I've destroyed as an inquisitive little boy experimenting with his toys :D)

And I think there's something wrong with me cos I was laughing after I fell and it was tmd painful and I was sitting there in the stairwell laughing my ass off. Or maybe I have a couple of screws loose. *tightens screws*
Careful, I might stone you. And then run away in fits of giggles. Then run back and offer to call an ambulance. Then stone you some more till the ambulance arrives. Then stone the ambulance...

I'm not making any sense huh?
OK. I'm 100% certified clinically insane. cuckoo cuckoo

kk off to nurse my stupid injury prone foot.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chris said that I should marry someone who can manage my money for me because I was buying useless stuff at popular. LOLOLOLOL