Monday, January 15, 2007

Experiments FUN! Me like!

waiting for photos to be uploaded...

dum dee dum dee dum...

it's taking kinda long...

AHA! here we go! ^.^

Intro thingy: my dad says that red bull mixed with 100 plus makes a good drink. Personally, I think that's bull (pun intended) but since I had nothing better to do, I dedcided to try it out.

Disclaimer thingy: This experiment is in no way scientific.

My 'lab'. Notice the gay curtains and bedsheet.

Red Bull meet 100 plus. 100 plus, Red Bull.

All nicely lined up.

Whoops. Forgot the glass/tumbler w/e you call it.

First, the RB. Looks suspiciously like pee...

Having never tasted RB in my life, I had to have a taste. Bad idea.


In goes the 100 plus... turns kinda cloudy now.

View from the top. Notice the pretty design in the glass/tumbler ^.^

Another taste test. I'll skip the obvious joke about drinking amber liquid.

It was a potent mix. The result was disastrous.

LOL! j/k it tasted like 100 plus. Nothing special except for the colour :)

A GREAT EXPERIMENT NONTHELESS!( i look like an idiot in this photo >.<)

RAWWWWRR!!!!! Beware the bear!!!

Conclusion #1: RB mixed with 100plus does not make a good drink. It jsut tastes like 100plus. Except for the colour. I like it. :)
Conc. #2: RB is supposed to be an energy drink. i.e. it's supposed make you feel energised. All I felt was a full bladder.
Conc. #3: Mixing stuff is FUN! ^.^

Note: I did not take the last picture. My sister took it. I AM NOT GAY.

Edit: I just realised I forgot to set the camera to not show the date and time so now the pics are marred by ugly orange numbers. HA.
Edit #2: links to other blogs and stuff are coming soon.

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