Saturday, January 27, 2007

A title.

Can't think of an appropriate title, so ya...

It's my grandpa's B'day today^.^生日快乐! Even though he prolly won't be reading this. haha. He's 74 this year and still going strong! Just over a quarter of a century left to a hundred! And I'll be 42 by then. WOOHOO!


I swear it's raining more and more everyday. What's wrong with the damn weather?!? Could it be? Is the world ending? REPENT!! REPENT I SAY! Absolve yourselves of all your sins while you still can! Do a kind act. Donate money to the needy(me)!

Shooting is the best and all the other CCA's are gay. Except for judo. Cos Sondra's there. =)

Read no further. This is the End.

End #2.

Real END. lol. G'nite.

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