Friday, February 16, 2007


Changed my mind. Feel like posting after all.

My hair looks damn wierd now that it's grown. Looks like a mini-afro. Who knows, I might turn black next :x

Went back to MSHS today. Talked to mr teo. Here's a part of the conversation:


"hello mr teo!"

"oh. hello"
"so how were your results?"

"9 points leh!"

"what about bio?"

"A1 :):):):)"

"oh! So you are the one from 4K with A1. Only one right?"




Played bridge/taitee with rui jie, jared, aaron and chris after that while waiting for the concert to end. It's the same thing every year. Chinese opera with the volume cranked all the way up. Makes the ground vibrate when the music plays.

Also made lots of noise in the canteen. It feels good to go back as a senior. HELL YEAH!

Continued playing till ding hui arrived. Went to the staff room to look for mr Chia. He wasn't there. Maybe he was afraid of us. Saw Mrs Chong in the staff room too. She got her baby to wave at us! haha so cute! =D

Went for lunch after that. The taiwan sausage looked 'plasticky'. Tasted like crap.


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