Monday, March 19, 2007


Wanna sink a dragon boat? Get a lizard.


so we were like rocking the dragon boat and somehow, a lizard got in (a swimming lizard??!?!?!????). the people behind were like squirming and stuff to get away from the lizard and they ended up rocking the boat harder, at the same time letting more water in. Then it was goodbye boat, hello murky depths of kallang river.

how fun.
So now you know how to sink a boat.


Taiwan was fun, i guess. Words that describe it include foggy, crowded and scooterland.
Yep. Scooterland. Swarms and swarms of scooters with hardly any motocycles. I only managed to count 7 motorcycles during my entire visit.

One thing about the Taiwanese. They eat a lot of pork. Pig skin, ears, tongues. Pork innards too. Stuff like stomachs, intestines, hearts etc etc. Pork lovers eat your hearts out! (Lousy) pun intended.

Lots of interesting places there too. And also not so interesting places. Places like taipei 101, the national museum and some wierd flower park. Besides being nice to look at, 101 isn't much. Sure, it's big and shiny, but it's quite empty inside. The national museum too, isn't really what I would call interesting. Lets just say you wouldn't want to go there unless you have a fetish for ancient chinese artifacts. In which case, knock yourself out.

That's about it for taiwan.

Today's been fun but also exhausting and I'm tired with a capital TIRE.
Really, really looking forward to tomorrow and the start of lessons.

I've really got to clear my inbox. I have stuff in there dating back to Feb 3.


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