Friday, March 2, 2007

wasting time is fun!

I'm hating GP more with every tutorial. But I'm not going into that. There's to be no flaming on this blog from now on. No hatred ONLY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

lol. that sounds damn gay. =x

school ended early today! Yay! Ate from the veg stall for lunch. I guess what everyone says about the food sucking real bad is sort of true.

Sort of.

Went to marina square after that for the army roadshow thingy with charlene, jagan and their friend aaron. St. Gabs ppl are funny. The nice ppl in the army gave us lots of stuff. LOL. They have a LAN booth there too. And snipers are cool.

We hanged out at McD's for a while after that then went to MPH and 'browsed'. played tai-tee on the MRT home, in school U and with everyone watching. haha. Made it home before it started raining. Yea! it's been raining every afternoon for 3 days straight now. Horribly cold at night and in the morning. Brrr...

Gonna try to d/l the patch for BF2142 now. Zzz...
Have a nice rainy afternoon/night/rest of the day. LOL.

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