Monday, May 28, 2007

LTC pre-camp today and I like my group already. hah

Nicholas twisted his finger just now. Reminded me of Saw III. Don't ask me why, it just did.

My mind thinks in strange ways (kind of a double meaning in there but I shan't elaborate).

Speaking of Saw III, I was watching this scene where this woman had a spring loaded thingy attached to her ribcage and there was a beaker of acid in front of her. What she had to do was dip her hand into the acid to get the key to unlock said contraption. Except it couldn't be removed. yea... So she dips her hand into the acid and her hand was like literally dissolving in the beaker. She got the key and 'unlocked' the device. Then she realised she couldn't free herself and her ribcage got ripped open and away from her body.

I think I just killed my appetite. And I think I just might have killed yours too, oh dearest reader(s).

You're welcome.

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