Saturday, May 26, 2007

WootZ CaMPZzZzZZzzZ!!

Just came back from shooting camp. Well, not exactly "just" since I was back almost 2 hours ago, but yea, you get my drift...

Mmm... started yesterday with training at safra.. Not my worst, but not my best either. Well, I've been screwing up the past few sessions and things finally seem to be picking up! Maybe that knock on the head I recieved from my rifle made me and my rifle one being. I am my rifle. Some people would say at this point: "WAH! DAMN LAME AH!" To which I would reply: "I got legs what." Yea. You guys know who you are. hahahaha

Went back to CJ with royston after that for lunch 'cos everywhere else was crowded. Stupid lunchtime crowds. It felt great walking back into CJ while everyone else was taking their H1 exams . But then again, I'll have 4 papers to take at the end of June. >.< You win some, you lose some, i guess. Anyway, the nice uncle at Chinese Wok gave us lots (LOTS) of free extra dishes which we ended up not being able to finish. Note that being nice doesn't change the fact that the food from that store usually sucks.

Stoned at the grandstand after lunch. Slept, played cards, listened to music etc etc... It's a nice, windy place. (:

Dinner-ed straightaway when camp started. Played ice-breakers (again?!?!) then watched a video on 'Mental Management'. Apparently, there are three circles which need to be in balance in order to excel in any sport. Conscious, sub-conscious and self-image. Right. So all I have to do to shoot better is to expand circles. I swear that video is an instant cure for insomniacs. Went to sleep after that.

Started this morning with a run. Oh joy. At least I'm satisfied with myself for completing the route with minimum stopping (i.e. stopping only to allow the rest to catch up). I'm not THAT unfit after all. HAH. Played games after that then we went for lunch.

walao I want to cry already la. I FUCKING HATE MYSELF.

Had ex-co elections after that. Thank you everyone who voted for me and giving me an opportunity to embarress myself by giving a damn speech. Well, gratz to all that got voted in! You guys deserve it! Now we have a new Boss and Vice-Boss. hahaha

To all the J2s (if you ever read this): I hope you guys will continue coming down to the range every training. It's going to be very wierd without you guys there. ):

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