Thursday, June 7, 2007


LTC was great!

To sum it up, LTC:
was a great experience;
had great people (facils included, teachers maybe not too);
had great games;
had not so great food;
had a ridiculously tight schedule (this falls into the 'not so good' category)
had OK accomodation;
had ridiculous wake up times;
had NOT ENOUGH shower cubicles (waiting 10 minutes for a bathe is not fun);
had one faggoty prick.

On that one faggoty prick, this is nothing personal. I just don't like his face. And who in the world pronounces every single word they say so clearly la please.


Walking Floating around on his nimbly little ballerina toes with his little piggy nose stuck up so high on his excuse of a face. MOTHERFUCKER. I swear he's asking for a beating.

OK. I'm done ranting now.

War games on day 3 was fun, fun and fun. (did I mention fun?) Damn cool. Coolest shit I've done in months. 'cept maybe for a couple of other things I did but that's besides the point. Cool.

Well, I'm rather sleepy now so forgive the seemingly random order with which I'm bringing up points about the LTC. LOL

Can't think of anything else to blog about so  guess that's it for now.


shit. PB's on later. Can't sleep after all. @!#$

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