Saturday, June 2, 2007

CJCIS yesterday! Got to wear this cool tag that said "range official". How cool is that? Very. According to CHIEF ting wei, there was this one girl who apparently tends to talk to her cat (pouch? bag?) when she's shooting. I was waiting for that to happen. Pity it didn't. ):

Went to do other stuff after the frst detail. Scoring cards was fun. Did you know that the outcome of borderline cases kind of depends on the mood of the person doing the scoring?  heh

Transported weapons to St Pat's later in the afternoon. Stupid bus driver didn't have the common sense to park on our side of the road. Ended up having to cross the road. While carrying heavy gun cases. And even heavier bags. The bastard.

Went back to CJ to watch MND after transporting the weapons. Thanks to cephas. He smsed me in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go watch the play (who was the one who didn't want to go when I was asking people huh? tsk). Well, YEA. I wanted to go but no one else did. Yea... so anyway apparently his 'friend' had tickets. Turns out his 'friend' didn't actually have tickets and we had to buy them at the entrance. Lucky you, cephas. Or I would have killed you for wasting my time.

I must say, the play was rather funny, although some of the dialogue was rather dry. Oberon got on my nerves about a few minutes after he first appeared. He kept doing this wierd wiggle-shake thing everytime he said something. It was quite gay. Rather painful to watch, I might add. Other than that, the rest of the cast was fine. The guy who played Bottom was hilarious! Never seen him around before though. Wonder where they found him. She was rather good too. And cute. Like a little girl. hahaha (:

That was yesterday. Now for today.

I have only one word for today.


yea. That pretty much sums it up. Shot really horribly. A lot lower than what I know I'm capable of. Wish I had my AR09 then. MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSzZZzzZZzZzZZZZZzzZZz...

Shan't dwell on it anymore. According to Larry Bassman, it's important to not focus on what went wrong. Instead, you should focus on what went right (*insert approproate amount of scorn*). But since nothing went right today, I figure I have nothing to focus on so I'm rather free right now. I hear a movie calling.


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