Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I think I'd be better off donating my books/notes/files to needy children or smth. I can't seem to bring myself to touch them. meh... And I'm still effing hungry 'cos SOMEONE decided we should go eat at Mos after training. Stupid place charges more than Mac's for a portion that is decidely equal to a Happy Meal™. And their spicy chilli dog is pathetic. You call THAT spicy? <>

On a much lighter(pun DEFINITELY NOT intended here) note, I have around $200 worth of pellets with me now and they weigh a ton. Theorectically, I could hold the entire school team to ransom 'cos they're almost out of pellets. But I'm a nice guy so I won't do it. Besides, Nic has the rest of the extra pellets... -.-

K. It's time for dinner now so I'll leave you a video of a horny robot. rofl

Click me!

Right. Here's the >>>real link<<<.

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