Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's see. Today was good bad overall good.

Well... woke up around six-ish? Not really sure cause I was like semi-conscious throughout the whole night. Not a very good way to sleep... Took 43 to SPS. Only thing was, I got off like 5 stops after SPS. 5 LONG stops. Why? 'Cos I thought the bus would loop back to the front gate. Apparently not. So yea, I wasted like 20 mins waiting for another bus back. Good thing I was early. Good weather too, I might add.

Err... I'm getting lazy atm so I think I'll just give a brief summary of the rest of the day.

  • searched frantically for my suit then found out that it was in coach's car all along. -.-
  • shot 89 for my first series. o.O
  • shot 81 for second series. ZOMGWTF?!?!
  • finished shooting. DUH.
  • messed around with cool WWII (I think) rifles. Coolest shit ever. Bolt action goodness. LOL
  • played BF2142 on coach's laptop. ROFL
  • messed aroud with the cool rifles a bit more
  • went to Parkway Parade for lunch
  • bus-ed home
  • blogged
  • end
ok I'm feeling tired so I'm going to take a nap. nitez

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