Wednesday, July 4, 2007

1705/1800 TOTAL PWNAGE. well, semi-total anyways

I swear LJ has the wierdest system messages. So I was leaving a comment on petrina's blog and I clicked the 'submit' button and guess what? Nothing happened. WOW. So being the patient soul that I am, I clicked the button another time and went of to check my mail. So I come back to the window in a few minutes and the first thing I see is "please confirm that you are a human".


Of course I'm a @!$#ing human la. What else could I be?! But I have to say, it is rather original. LOL

OK and now on to the big news. CJC RIFLE BOYS TEAM GOT TEAM SECOND IN NATIONALS. Ok shut your mouths. seriously, don't leave your jaws hanging and quit looking so surprised. You knew it was coming. IT WAS INEVITABLEZZZZZzZZzzzZ!! ok... that was both corny and stupid.
Anyway, GJ ting wei, clarence and don. GJ gerard too. You were a good scorekeeper. hahaha jkjk. Gratz to all four of you. You guys are an inspiration. Err not in all aspects la, but yea. Still an inspiration. (:

And thanks for leaving all the tough competition for us next year ah. Appreciate it.

kay off to rush my stupid econs project. This is seriously difficult. Too many distractions. Excorcist is showing on the TV right now and I wanna watch but I can't. Why? Because I have econs project to do. ):

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