Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i am excellent.

Stay away from me or I might spit snot into your face. Intentionally Unintentionally of course. This blocked nose I have is killing me. It's not an actual blocked nose per se, just this irritating at the end of the nasal passage. It's like there's some goo sitting there. Persistant, irritating goo that won't go away. Persistant, irritating goo that's making me extremely agitated. EoM's not helping either. Fucking passage is 5 pages long. HOW TO COMPLETE BY TOMORROW?! But I can do it. Why? Because I am excellent. LOL.
New motto. "I am excellent" Go on, say it. You know you want to. heh.

So joel, zhi hua and I were messing around in LT1 during break. Ironically, LTs are much more fun when lectures are NOT being conducted in them. Yea. So we were messing around with the whiteboard and joel was trying to switch the piano on. He failed miserably. The piano didn't even power up a little bit.

photos from LT1:

yes, creative we are.

This is Joel. He is gay. 'cos The Whiteboard says so. kidding.

this is zhi hua. although he exhibits gay tendencies, he is not gay. Why? 'cos The Whiteboard says so.

woo! I'm not gay. Once again, 'cos The Whiteboard says so. Notice how I managed to mis-align myself so it looks like I did it accidentally but in fact did it on purpose?

The board has spoken. Go to LT1 to find out if you're gay or not today!

Double break after break. ('chinese tutorial' and 'break' can be used interchangably) :/
Not much to do during chinese. I don't think YEAAAAAAAAAA lao shi has realised he's sort of become the laughing stock or "xiao4 bing3" of the class. No offence, but he deserves it. Coming into class pulling a long face every lesson. Well, I managed to be semi-productive in the last hour or so. Started drawing pellets for the shooting shirt design. Ended up taking pictures of the pellets for drawing reference 'cos my drawing sucked so bad.

pellets! (or salt and pepper shakers -.-) It's blurry 'cos my phone has a cheap camera with digital zoom.

The final result. It's still bad but trust me, it was much, much worse.

Went training after school. But before that, I was like stunned. Just stunned. Couldn't find anything to say la. All motor skills shut down immediatly man. FARG. Everytime also like that. zzzz...

Training was fun. 'cept for PT. PT is never fun. You only ever face PT with dread or indifference. No-one should face PT with enthusiasm. If you do, you're abnormal.

Dry fired in the range after PT. Why? 'cos coach said so. heh. I want to shoot soon. ):

Semi-dinnered with the guys in the canteen after training and we saw this new statue by the pond which used to have only two fishes but apparently has more now. I have only three words to describe it. Kinky and green. See for yourself.

Can't see much from the picture 'cos of said phone camera but it has chains around it binding its hands and I think it has a gag in its mouth. What'd I say? Kinky and green man. Kinky and green.

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