Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's raining and it's cold and chilly outside. But I'm indoors with a cup of ginger tea(really good shit) and I'm feeling all warm and cosy. HAH.

I don't really get all this hype about Harry Potter. I mean, queueing up outside borders a day before the book is released? No thanks, I have much more important things to do. And add to that having your family book a room in a hotel nearby just so they can bring you food and stuff so you don't have to lose your place in line all for a $60+ book. I bet the hotel room cost more than that and you're going to feel stupid once you've finished rding the book. It's just a damned book people. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go read today's papers. It's page 4 of the main paper if I'm not wrong.

Now before you get all whiny and stuff and start flaming me(like I care, but I'm just being diplomatic), let me just say that I too once liked Harry Potter. Once. But then JK Rowling decided to take her own sweet time completing the Order of the Phoenix and made everyone wait almost two years(correct me if I'm wrong) after the Goblet of Fire was published. Pardon me for losing interest. It's just that two years is an awfully long wait. What did you expect Potter fans to contend themselves with in all that time? Harry Potter candy? Action figures? A game or two(or million) of Potter themed UNO perhaps? Oh, please...

I have more to say but then I'd be ranting and that's bad manners. I'd just like to say a word to all the Potter crazy people out there: You're crazy. Ok so that was two words. So sue me. This is MY blog anyway. Mine(with extra emphasis on mine). So there. HAH. (It's still mine.)

About PTM yesterday, it wasn't the actual meeting itself that was bad. It was the nagging that came after it. Please, someone, kill me or something. Yea it's that bad. I can't turn on my computer without being asked what I'm using it for. Even switching on the TV invites nags. From both parents. I think they've formed a nagging tag team. When my dad starts, my mom joins in and believe me, she can nag your ear off. She'll continue even after I give up arguing. One parent nagging, I can take. Both? Pass the earplugs please.

Of course, I understand their just worried about my results. I'm not bragging, but I always manage to do ok in the major exams don't I? These midyear results, they don't matter all that much in the big picture what. Besides, this way, I get the Good Progress Awards too. Heh.

Alright. School tomorrow. I look forward to that actually. 'Cept for PW. Waste of time IMHO.(:

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