Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is some nice weather we're having. Cool air, cloudy skies, slightly misty/foggy (never knew the difference between the two). I like. Great for sleeping but not at all conducive for studying. I can't bring myself to open my bag at this moment. So much for planning to catch up on work over the weekends.

Yesterday's detention was yet anoter wasted period of time which could have been spent studying, or at least doing some homework. Most of the time was spent sleeping, staring at people painting bins (the FUMES. OMG...), wishing I was at training, and looking at a certain someone who was very conveniently just outside the detention area. Unfortunately, she was blocked by the a pillar most of the time.

Damn you pillar.

Then I went to the library to borrow a book. Haven't touched a book for months now. I don't know why I borrowed the book because I still have an unfinished book lying around + other unread mags and books and I usually dislike starting more than one book at a time. But it's a good book so yea, I'll let this be the exception. (:

Thenwhen I was reading the newly borrowed book, the slimy old [insert really bad swear] came down to gloat. [insert sweary exclamation]. Ruined the rest of my day. If I had my way, he'd be out of a job by Monday. That's a pretty big if and it'll probably never happen but in the meantime, I can still swear at him and I have no intention of stopping. Stupid cunt.

Then after detention, I carried two suits + two pairs of boots onto the buses and walked home from the bus stop. Oh my aching arms. All because Bro. Paul refuses to let us train at SAFRA, which would have meant us hiring a bus to transport weapons and the suits at the same time, which would in turn have spared the others and I the inconvenience of lugging dead weights around on public transport. But I'm fine with that. Anything for shooting. But I draw the line at lewd and embarassing acts.

Righto. I've run out of things to add to this post so bye.

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