Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We had a SD period today and Mr Lee asked us to imagine ourselves 50 years on. Wierd question. Didn't really fit the theme for that lesson which was "aging and the aged", but it did remind me of Ting Wei's dream post. Yea, so here's what'd I'd like in the future.

I would have lots of money. Period. Don't ask where that would come from. I haven't thought about it yet.

Aye. So let’s start with the pad. The size of the home doesn't matter, neither does its outer appearance. It could be a HDB flat for all I care. But it MUST be spacious so I can fill it with all the cool stuff that I've always wanted to buy and still have enough space left over for me to just lie on the floor anywhere in the house (yes, I do lie on the floor). Oh yea, and the floor would be smooth stone. I don't know what type yet, just not marble or granite 'cos I never liked the patterns in the stone. And no carpets either, I'd just be a couple of large rugs at most. Carpets are itchy.

So now I'd furnish the home. I don't see much need for a TV set because I don't even watch TV that much but for the thrill of it, a widescreen TV would be nice. Probably with a home theater system. I'd have a large collection of movies. DVDs, VCDs, whatever, doesn't matter. I'd have them all so I can watch whatever movie that I feel like watching. I think I'd have a comfy sofa too. Those L-shaped ones. OMG super comfortable man. Or maybe just a beanbag. I've always liked beanbags. In either case, there'll always be a comfortable place to plonk your ass anywhere in the house.

Then there's my room. I'd like a loft bed very much. Think a bunk bed without the lower bunk. That space underneath would fit my computer and maybe a mini-bar. Speaking of which, my gaming rig would be a custom job, with a small casing so that it's portable. Nothing fancy though, just something that can run the latest software with ease. It doesn't have to have the newest hardware 'cos I don't foresee myself playing much in the future. Just a bit of occassional gaming for recreation. However, the bed would be dependant on the deisgn of the room. If it had say, large panel windows, then I'd have a normal bed(but it as to be big). There'd also be a humongous bookshelf in my room, assuming it could fit. This would hold all the books I own. I used to read a lot in secondary school so I have quite a few books. Although some are... kiddy.

The toilet. The floor HAS to be light coloured. Dark coloured floors make it difficult to see what's on the floor. Maybe I'm just being fussy but I hate stepping on hair and hair would be almost invisible on dark flooring. Bathtub or shower stall? Doesn't matter as long as there's a partition that keeps the rest of the toilet floor dry. Few things are worse then stepping on a wet and cold floor in the morning.

Those are the important parts of the home. Not too particular about the rest.

OK. So that's the home settled. Now for what I would be like to be doing with my life.

Well, I imagine I'd still be enjoying shooting as a hobby years down the road so I think I'd have the best equipment that money can buy and hopefully by then, I'd be ridiculously good at the sport. However, shooting is by no means a full time thing. Shooting alone simply won't pay much. Jobs that interest would be things like coaching or teaching. Maybe I'll enlist in the army. I don't know. Whatever it is, I won't be working a desk job. Admin/clerky stuff is defintely out of the question. I think I would die from the boredom. I would like to do something more 'hands-on'. But there's still the question of how I'll come across that big sum of money that I'm supposed to have. I’ll leave this open for now.

Then there's the question of transport. I'm not complaining but certain bus operators *cough*TIBS*cough* have a disgustingly low standard of hygiene. Can you imagine cockroaches climbing on the walls of the bus? Neither could I until I saw it for myself. Gross la. But other than that, the public transport system is absolutely superb! It's almost flawless! Almost. Now if they could only make sure buses actually arrive on time... Yea. So until that happens, I would like this.

OK. So I'll never get that. But you can't blame me for hoping. Anyway, a car would be nice. Nothing flashy though. A coupe would be perfect. A Lamborghini would be a godsend. Or an Aston Martin. *drools* Or maybe this.

But in the case that I decide to be more subtle in showing off my wealth(LOL), I’d have a motorcycle. One that can handle a little off-road riding but wouldn’t look out of place arriving at a red carpet event.

Aargh I’m getting tired now. I think I’ll continue this tomorrow or the day after. Watch this space for part 2! (:

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