Sunday, August 5, 2007

Aye. Watched The Simpsons today!

[insert exclamation]! It was fucking hilarious! Go watch it!

My sis was already laughing during the opening credits. You know the one where there's this big '2oth Century Fox' statue/monument and there're spotlights and stuff and there's a trumpet fanfare in the background? Yea that one. The producers added a little touch of their own. So cute! hahaha! Ok. So that wasn't the best description in the world, but you get what I'm trying to say.

The movie itself was hilarious(sounds familiar...)! The jokes are like super obvious and you'd be left thinking "OMG They actually did THAT!" Incredibly ridiculous. But at the same time insanely funny!

Other than that, Homer's still as dumb as ever(what's new?). In a good way of course! And the rest was pretty much like the TV series(I think. Haven't watched The Simpsons in a loooooooooong time)

Oh and there were a couple of awwwwwwwwwww moments too but I won't be a spoiler. (:

In other news:

I hate this year's NDP songs. They are just about the dunbest videos I have ever seen. And what is up with the cheesy lyrics?!?! They sound like they were written by a primary school kid brainwashed by patriotic propaganda. I'm hearing the exact same messages in those videos(Singapore good. Must. Do. My. Part. For. Singapore. UURRRGGGHH... BRAINS...) as I heard in Civic and Moral Education classes way back in secondary school, I swear. (It's a conspiracy I tell you. The Government plans on turning us into mindless, law-abiding, patriotic zombies!) Put together with the bad music, it all becomes rather annoying and it's getting on my nerves.

If I see that video just once more I am going to puke and smash my TV into a million pieces and then I'd smash each of the million pieces into another million pieces and stuff it down the throat of whoever wrote the song.

I think I might need help in the anger management department. help.

k ima go watch LOST. Maybe, just maybe, they might finally escape the island. Oh, no. Scratch that. Showing the backstories of the characters is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more interesting. It's just been done oh I don't know, a hundred times before in all the previous episodes? Right.

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