Sunday, August 12, 2007

dry underwear is important.

Slightly long post. Get the popcorn ready.


But before that, met chris for a 1 on 1 LAN session at peninsula plaza(why 1 on 1? Cos SOMEONE decided to back out at the last minute to go pimping. tsk tsk tsk what a president). Ok la. I admit he's better than me at DoD.


GG. But extremely expensive. $4 an hour? ABSURD! Daylight robbery la.

Headed down to kembangan MRT station to wait for clarence to lead us to his house. Turns out he and a bunch of the J2s went to watch a movie so they were late and ziyi, chris, nic, muthu, andrew and I ended up sitting right smack in the middle of the MRT station in a circle to talk cock. LOL. We were right in front of the control station. Don't know why they didn't chase us away. hahaha

yea. Then everyone else arrived and we bus-ed to clarence's house. He has a nice house, albeit slightly inaccessible. I think it's possible to get lost in that piece of land, never to see civilization again.

So while waiting for the food to arrive, we played football right in front of a sign that said "No ball games". Naturally, we got chased away after a while. Smart.

Well, you would have thought that after last week's quadrangle burns, I would have learnt my lesson and sworn off running around barefooted. But nooooooooooooooooooo. I had to play barefooted and get the skin on the soles of my feet torn. Now I have piles of dead skin on my desk because I tore off the torn skin. HAHAHAHA gross details!

Went back into clarence’s house after getting chased away. Turns out the big man in white came! Managed to escape listening to Bro. Paul talk about stuff by hiding in clarence’s computer room! HAH! Watched ben play BF2142 a while. You know how most people usually get killing sprees? He was getting dying sprees. Probably due to bad luck. I mean, spawning right in front of a tank? You’d only have time to go “oh f**k.” and you’re dead. hahaha

Then the food arrived and we all went down. Pigs Like hungry students to lots of food(bad metaphor, but like I care). Here's an interesting observation. There were two barbeque pits. Interestingly enough, the guys took one pit and the girls took the other. Althought andrew did go over to the girl's pit, but he's part girl. Kidding. (:

So began the barbeque wars. Over on the girls' side,  they produced proper barbequed food. Whereas over on the guys' side, churned out charred food. Not to be confused with char-grilled, which is actually in fact just a nicer way of saying 'barbequed'. Char-grilled implies grilled over charcoal and barbeques use charcoal. geddit? The fish was good though. That was done by the guys. SUCK ON THAT! Good job guys! And if you were wondering where I was during all this, I was subtly fanning smoke into peoples' faces under the guise of fanning the smoke AWAY from peoples' faces. I am sneaky. Actually I just suck at fanning. Should have left it to fanny.(pun!)

Then like halfway through, andrew or one of the girls decided to get patriotic and started singing national day songs and shazwani and huixin joined in. I swear we were a national flag away from starting our own national day parade(sans-stadium, sans-fireworks, sans-cool looking marching contingents). Oh, and us shooters come up with the wierdest stuff to entertain ourselves. Spellcasting ala Harry Potter using skewers anyone?

So after we stuffed ourselves, we went to sit by the pool to talk cock.

AND THEN I was dunked in the pool. Thanks ah gerard, clarence, don and keith(I think). Not that I wasn't expecting it, but I guess brute force has an inverse relationship with the need for the element of surprise. And dry underwear is underrated. It is now the most important thing to take into consideration when going anywhere. Also, don and gerard are dangerous people. Be wary around them. Iwould recommend turning oneself to face away from them when encountering either one of them. When faced with both, RUN. :D

After that we had cake to celebrate jolene, rong sheng's and andrew's birthdays but then jolene and rong sheng weren't there so we ate the cakes anyway. Pigs Hungry people.

End of barbeque and we left then clarence's nice mom gave us a lift to the MRT station. MRT-ed to paya lebar station. Then while waiting for andrew's dad, him and I were discussing how sucky it would be to miss the last train then go down to the bus stop only to realise you've missed the last bus to. Conclusion? Something along the lines of "SUCKS TO BE YOU".

Then I reached home and bathed and now I'm blogging. I think I'm going to sleep soon. I was just looking at the statistics for my group's PW survey and I was like "huh??!?". That probably means my brain is shutting down and I need to sleep. So until tomorrow, nitez.

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