Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My mom's definition of junk food is cashew nuts and sugar coated peanuts??

*stunned silence*

b-b-but... whatever happened to good old chips in a bag? Since when were nuts considered junk food? This is most baffling.

National day celebrations in school today. I'm not sure what exactly we were celebrating. So the country has aged another year. BIG DEAL. Only good thing about national day is the holidays. Even the shows on TV suck. No Prison Break tomorrow. Why? Because they're probably showing some shit movie that they've only already shown at least twice over the last year. I hate Mediacorp. But I digress.

Back on topic. The skits performed by the classes were great!


That was unexpected. hahaha

Then there was this skit by a company with real actors! WOW!
They also had this prop thingy that was supposed to simulate a fire but my view was blocked by a pillar(what is it with the pillars in school?? I swear they block out all the good stuff). Joel said it looked cool.

Stupid pillar.

But the skit still sucked.
Or maybe I was being rude and just didn't give a fuck.

NAH. It sucked
So naturally we had to find stuff to do(while we were busy not paying attention). I now have CS sounds in my phone. Yes, all the sounds, the buy sounds, the gun sounds, everything. They’re stupid, yes. But I’m ashamed to say I find them amusing. Don’t make fun of me or I’ll shoot you with my phone. I have a pistol mp3 file and I’m not afraid to use it.

Then I saw this girl sitting next to me who had scars on her wrist(!). I was thinking “WHAT THE FUCK?!”. Typical emokidz.

Sounds like a brand name HAHAHA! Maybe an action figure or a doll. Imagine seeing a commercial for Emokidz®™.

"Let your kids be depressed and antisocial the safe way with Emokidz®™! See how each Emokidz®™ will not interact wth other Emokidz®™ because they have no friends! Comes with limited edition fake razor blades! Friends not included."

In GP terms, this would qualify as discrimination. (and I used punctuation. heck, this could be the text for a comprehension paper! Not bad eh?)

But when you think about it, seeing scars on someone's wrist and immediatly branding damn as emo is stereotyping(GP again!).

K this is pointless. I'm just rambling. Shall stop wasting my time trying to waste yours.

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