Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'll let you in on a secret. Taxi companies control the weather. Yes, you read right. The f**king weather. How else would you explain what I went through this morning?

1) I wake up. It's pouring.

2) Then I go shower and when I come back out, it's been reduced(oxygen removed. Chem joke!) to a drizzle.

3) So I go to eat my breakfast and when I'm done the rain's stopped! Alright! I'm thinking

"WeeEeEeEeEeeEEEeee! Nice, coolzzzz walk to teh bus stopZsZZzZz! Is nice!"

OK. Not that exactly but you get the idea.

4) So everything is just fine and dandy, then when I walk out of the house, guess what happens?! I WIN THE F**KING LOTTERY! It starts raining again.

OK. So I decide to cab to school.

5) After going to much trouble trying to book a cab, I finally get one(At 5 minutes to seven. And I started calling at 6:30. F**KING peak hour surcharge. B**TARDS.).

6) And then just as the cab arrives, it stop raining. IT F**KING STOPS RAINING. A BIT TOO LATE RIGHT?!

So I spent $11.80 on a cab ride to school. That cabbie had better have had a good breakfast after that.

I despise public transport.


About school(ish) stuff.

I donated blood(rhymes with food!) today! Went with nicole and rod and jerome and their ODAC friend. Woo!

The needle was slightly big and I can still see the hole left by it in my arm. No pictures, unfortunately. Yet.
It was rather cool though. Was interesting watching the bag fill up with blood(my blood!).

To squeamish people: It's not that big a deal. Seriously. It just looks red. And liquidy. And generally blood like.

Oh. And there was free food too! Oreos FTW!

Will I do it again? Most definitely. It's for a good cause. Besides, I got to skip two and a half(that's right! TWO AND A HALF!) periods. HAH! And there was free food.

Then after giving away the blood like fluids, I went back to class and switched off for the rest of the afternoon till night study where I managed to summarise the whole of term 1's econs and a bit of term 2 stuff too. I feel accomplished. And very sleepy too.

Nitez world.

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