Saturday, August 4, 2007

yea. my bitch. AR12. Nic put 'lim pei' on his.
how original.

No more trainings till after promos I think. Sad thing is, I haven't even sighted my gun. ):

I was thinking, maybe I would like to be a chef. Not a pastry chef though. That's for wimps. I'd like to be able to cut stuff up and play with pots and pans. Not to mention watching stuff burn on the stove and go all black and crispy. Interesting, no?

Played frisbee yesterday during training. Then Idecided my shoes were too loose so instead of tightening the laces, I took them off and played barefoot.


Now I have blisters on my feet and it hurts to walk. @!#$.
K. I was going to type about something else but I forgot what it was so maybe I'll add it later.


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