Wednesday, September 19, 2007

pilot or chef.

If ever there was a day which I planned for, but ended up doing something else entirely, today would be it. What I did today is best described as 'UNPRODUCTIVE'. I skipped school today with every intention of studying (really). Not that there was much point skipping school anyway, but that's another story.

So I met dom and gabriel at TP Mac's around 1130. Stared at my notes for market failure for half an hour (or less) and then dom took out his cards and it was "Goodbye notes, hello daidee.". Great temptations. Cards should be banned. **sadface**

Then we got chased out of Mac's. Oddly enough, it wasn't because of the us playing cards but because we weren't supposed to be studying there in the first place. :D
So we sat outside Mac's waiting for darren, who was supposed to bring a frisbee, but didn't, and then Gerard comes along and flicks a coin at me like I was a beggar. I saw that coming.

Ok, so I didn't. :x
Ass. hahaha

Then darren came and we went shopping for a frisbee. The only frisbees we could find were plasticky and gay looking so we ended up buying cool lighters with green flames instead! HOORAY for cool lighters with green flames! ^^

Thenthenthen we went to TP library to play cards! In the childrens' section! I get the impression that we corrupted more than a few impressionable young minds today. Yar. What with all the cursing and swearing and general actinglikeidiots-ing. The childrens' section has the most interesting books!

Can you imagine "The boy who lost his belly button"?
I don't know who this boy is but he has got to get himself an organiser. How the heck do you lose your belly button? It's stuck to you for cryin' out loud. sigh... kids' books these days.

Then joey came and we played more card games until the nice library officer dude came and told us we that we weren't supposed to paly cards in the library. D'oh! That was the reason why we were playing in an obscure corner. Well, anyway, after that, dom, gab and darren left joey and I (can you say, 'abandoned'?)at delifrance to "study"(ah, the 's' word again). Perrier is a waste of money. Inferior good!

After staring hopelessly at my notes, trying desprately to comprehend the amazingly bamboozling chapter that is 'Market Failure', I got all counter-productive and went upstairs to borrow a Green Lantern comic. The Green Lantern PWNS all other comic book superheroes. Which other superhero can conjure up anything he wants at will? NONE. He has the coolest outfit too. Ok, given that there have have been many Green Lanterns, but still, Coolest Outfit Award. Hands down. No contest. No question about it. Did I mentio being able to conjure anything at will? SEKS. I wanted to borrow two comics initially but it turns out that my mom borrowed other books under my name, so sadly, I was only able to get one book. ):

Then on the way home, there was a group of bengs at the bus stop and one of them was asking the others how to spell 'seal'. The thing was, he was pronouncing it as 'sale'.

beng1: "How you spell 'sale' ah?"
some other beng: "What sale?"
beng1: "Sale la! You know, sale up that sale."
some other beng: "orh, feng1 qi3 lai2 (chinese for 'seal up') ah? S-E-A-L"
beng1: "Sure or not?"

By then, I was trying to suppress sniggers. Evil me.


ponned chem lecture to play cards: ^^
left school during break with fellow ponners: ^^
played frisbee at TP: ^^
fell and banged my knee pretty bad: ):

Well, guess who I met while playing frisbee? Don! LOL. Anyway, we broke darren's frisbee. :x
We'll buy you a new one yea darren?

Damn, my super cool lighter with the green flame is out of gas.

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