Thursday, October 4, 2007

I feel cheated. BF2142 eated away my 'away bonus'. Damn. I was looking forward to racking up insane amounts of points.
How the bonus works is that for every 24 hours that you don't play 2142, the game gives you one hour of gameplay where you get a score multiplier of 1.5 (YAY.).
Since I haven't been playing since mid-august, I was expecting at least a full day to enjoy the bonus but noooooooooooo. The bonus just disappeared just slightly less than two hours into the game. This is mildly unfair. Annoying too if I might add.

But where are my manners? You, dear reader, probably don't care about my gaming exploits.
*rolls eyes*

Hmm... what to talk about. Ah yes! This morning, actually only just, I wanted to make some cereal see? So I got a bowl of the dish rack filled it with cornflakes. Then I went to the fridge and there was NO MORE MILK. THE HORROR! And I couldn't put the cornflakes back in the box 'cos the bowl was slightly wet. Soggy cornflakes don't keep well. So I chucked the whole bowl in the fridge (I don't know why) and within the frigid, harsh belly of the fridge it sits right now, waiting for the milk and its destiny (which is to be eaten, in case you were wondering).

I wonder if it's lonely, but there's always the bottles of ketchup and condiments to keep it company. Oh and there's the cheese and some spreads too.

AH WTF. Why am I talking about the stuff in my fridge!?!

Maybe it's a symptom of psychosis? Actually, going loony ain't all that bad. Schizophrenics for example, they always have someone to talk to! Albeit usally a one-sided conversation, but hey, at least they never get lonely! LOL.

OK this is getting bad. Now I'm making politically incorrect observations. If you can't already tell, I am horribly distracted this morning.

Frisbee in school later. FRISBEE FTW.


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