Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mmm. So promos are over. I don't feel any joy at all.

Went to Mustafa to buy frisbees(!) with dar and dom today. I swear, the place is built such as to maximise customer confusion. They sell so much stuff (most of it useless junk) it actually overflows from the shelves onto the floor and there is hardly any space to walk. What's more, there are no clear signs whatsoever. The only directions being the type printed out from powerpoint slides. Budget cuts I suppose.

Oh and the funniest thing happened while we were at Mustafa. You know those fire doors that sound the alarm when you try to open them, apparently, some people read "Emergency escape only" as "OPEN ME". Then when the alarm sounded, the woman said to her husband: "Oh, I think it's an emergency door."

And this happened twice.

Yea well, anyway we got the frisbees then went to velocity@novena to play with them. WOO!
New toy + itchy fingers = lots of jumping-around-catching/throwing-little-plastic-discs kind of fun

Yea then after that ICE CREAM BUFFET. SEKS. Until today, I never thought it was possible to eat too much ice cream. Obviously, I was wrong. Or maybe it was the mustard that we put on the waffles as penalties for losing daidee (darren, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy putting chilli and kecthup and even bbq sauce on his big waffles).
After 25 scoops (dom wussed out at 20. YOU WIMP. HAHAHAHAHA) of ice cream, you begin to wonder how people can actually enjoy ice cream. That's when you regret ever coming up with the idea of going for an ice cream buffet. LOL

And remember how I was talking about promos being over a few paragraphs back, talk about irony. Daughtry's It's not over was the first song I heard on my playlist. What's up with that? o.O

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