Friday, October 5, 2007

Well, well, well. The stupidity of some people on BF2142 never ceases to amaze. Some people really take the fun out of the game by showing off their severe lack of intellect.

Take for example, the guy on the squad I was playing on. I was in the midst of picking off some pesky enemies on the roof of a building with my sniper. So this guy comes right next to me and fires off a whole clip off rockets in their direction.

Thanks. I really needed you to do that. Maybe if your aim had been better, you would have saved me the trouble.
But guess what? It wasn't. And so you revealed my position and I get a volley of fire from 3 guys whom should have been dead already. I really needed the extra challenge so yea, appreciate it. And where were you after you helped attract their attention to my position? Why, scurrying your pathetic wimpy ass away. You motherfu...... You might as well have put a big flashing neon arrow right above my head. It's guys like you who make my poor keyboard have to put up with violent hammering on its keys. Get some skillz or get a life. Leave us other no-life gamers to play in peace without your amazing attention grabbing suicide tactics.

some people...

Anyway, I've been bored stiff at home. It's stifling hot outside and I'm starting to feel the heat.
To quote the Wicked Witch of the West: "I'm melting!"

To curb said boredom, this is what darren and I have been up to.

and a closer view:

(screeny courtesy of petrina)

SEE!? SEE!? This is what boredom drives people to do. Impersonating classmates on msn is fun though. I guess it's a tad annoying but hey, it's not like we do this everyday right? LOL

mmm... I have this sudden urge to play cards.

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