Saturday, November 3, 2007

hello. I'm awake right now. right. that's kinda obvious. i woke up cause i couldn't sleep anymore. why? because i slept in the afternoon since it was too noisy to do anything else.

"noisy?" i hear you ask. yea. noisy. what with all the drilling and renovation related noises coming from next door. the construction workers are taunting me, i swear. they drill non stop for a few minutes then pause for a few seconds. then right as i'm thinking they've stopped for good, they start drilling again. cunts.

so i guess in a way, my inability to go back to sleep at 3 am is due to incessant drilling from the day before. =.=
meh. whatever la.

so, i'm online because i decided to edit my group's pw video. at fucking 3 in the morning. and i'm doing a mighty fine job of it. i changed the title animations.


Why the fuck is my group's op on monday?!!?!? almost eveyone else i know has completed their pw and are now as free as... free people...

unlike the rest of me, the part of my brain that controls my vocabulary seems to be still asleep.

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