Friday, November 23, 2007

I go out at noon and come back in the evening to find everything covered in a fine layer of dust. Those new neighbours better be extra nice after all this crap they put us through. First it was the incessant drilling and hammering, now this.

Anyway, rest of the day was pretty ok. Went to dom's place to trade illegally obtained movies and music. I now have many, many, many, many new songs. It'll prolly take the rest of the hols to get them properly sorted out and organised. I dislike my music files having messy names. It's just something that irks me.

Went to sim lim after that to see stuff and because dom wanted to buy a portable hdd and WTF there's a sex shop right at the entrance. You'll agree that it's slightly out of place, no?
Saw my sec 2 classmate, wayne at sim lim. Then while walking to sheng siong, met feng hui at the traffic light. lolz

I bought candy canes. Idon't know why I bought candy canes. I used to like them as a kid but I don't know if I still do. Actually, come to think of it, they do look a little too sugary and all. Oh man... I shouldn't have bought candy canes.

OK that's all. I think I'll go watch my new movies tonight.

erm. I'm selling candy canes at $0.50 each. C'mon people, they're absolutely, lip-smackingly delicious. Only $0.50! Can you believe that? What a steal!

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