Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got my wallet back! YES.

Life without my wallet is no fun at all.
So I was taking the bus to school this morning. I boarded the bus and put in $0.55. Then the bus driver asked to see my student pass. I was thinking like "I'm in my school uniform ffs" but being the nice little boy that I am, I didn't say that out loud. I simply told him I lost my wallet instead. Then he says I need to pay the adult fare.
That's just stupid. And this happened on both the buses I took. The cheek of the drivers. I mean, isn't it fucking obvious I'm a student?!? I was in SCHOOL UNIFORM. OK so maybe it was PE attire. But the school name's still pretty obvious.

I'm not complaining about the extra money I had to pay here. I'm just pissed that I had to pay more. It's a matter of principle. Why did I have to pay more even though it was pretty much obvious to everyone that I was a student? It's not like anyone would want to wear school uniforms just so they can take advantage of the student fare. That's just pointless and retarded.
Bus drivers can be so rigid. Stupid system.

'nyways, training today was good. *thumbs up*
I'm shooting groupings again! Not patterns! *double thumbs up*

Monthly shoot's tmr so I guess I'll turn in early. A good night's sleep lets you perform better and all that.

Goodnight world.

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