Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh man...... This isn't what I was hoping it would be like after PW. Bummer. So much for the movie marathon I was planning to have. Got bored after watching die hard 4. But I still have many unwatched movies in my comp, fresh from the oven bittorrent. The best thing since... well, downloading stuff off the internet began. LOL.

BUT (there's always a 'but' eh?)

All hope is not lost! There's still training! Dry firing for an hour isn't much fun but it's better than nothing *AHEM* is good training. mmhmm. Very good training indeed. Yes.

And Joshua Chong is a cock sucking motherfucker very, very bad person. Tch. What an understatement. But it wouldn't do to resort to name calling now, would it?

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