Friday, December 28, 2007

HAHAHAH nic's sjf patch got sewn on the wrong sleeve of his jacket! oops :x
sorry man pai seh pai seh lolz

went to chris's place this morning. his comp doesn't have enough disk space to install hellgate: london. and he says that there aren't many games on his comp. that leads to just one logical conclusion. MUST BE ALL THAT PR0N. tsk tsk tsk haha kidding lolz. don't angry yea :D

yea then we went for lunch at carl's junior with chris and xing hao. xing hao called on the way to ps and chris told him to go to 'CJ' then xing hao was like "but i have a direct bus to PS!" then chris said "CJ = carl's junior" lol. JACKED.

so as i was saying, we had lunch at carl's junior, where the waiter took out packets of chili sauce from a pouch directly on his crotch. WTF. that's quite disgusting. LAN session after lunch. QUAKE III OWNS YO. MINDLESS, FAST PACED EXPLOSIVE VIOLENCE FTW.

then muthu and nic joined us to watch I Am Legend. (someone ponned facil training ah. my, my, my.) hoohoo what a great show. damn sad la, what happened to his dog. ): but the rest of the movie was cool. running zombies are scary, not to mention fugly as hell.

and sunblock costs >$10? what do they put in that stuff?

oh and CJC people are literally EVERYWHERE. i swear. from yio chu kang to PS. EVERYWHERE. good thing they're not zombies or something.

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