Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I can't sleep ):

This is annoying la. I toss around in my bed for a full hour and still no lala land. What's this? It's restricted entry now?

Not fair la. I didn't even nap this afternoon. OH LOL maybe I'm subconsciously waiting for santa. eh no. but santa come's on christmas eve. shit. just plain insomnia then. sucks.

mm since i'm here already, i'll post what i was thinking about while i was trying to fall asleep.
you don't have to read this if you don't want to. it's kinda random.

what happens when people die? do our conscious minds simply cease to be? does a gate to another world (a heavenly paradise? a burning hell?) open? or do we simply lose all motor functions but remain fully conscious, aware of everything going on around us, however improbable that may be?

i think the first two are acceptable but the most frightening outcome of all is probably the last. it would be scary. imagine being enclosed in darkness because you can't move your eyelids to open your eyes. totally helpless as you hear the the flames consuming everything while you're being cremated. or even worse, hearing the clumps of dirt falling on the lid of the coffin as you're buried, knowing that you'd be trapped in the darkness probably forever. that would probably make a claustrophobic out of even the most fearless. i think i would rather go insane.

alright. i stopped thinking about the topic just about there. just felt like it was important enough to warrant a record somewhere, you know.

it is kinda morbid though. thinking about death and stuff, but no, i'm not suicidal.

i think i'll go try to sleep again. blogging is kinda therapeutic or somethign i guess. i mean, my bed suddenly looks very inviting.

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