Monday, December 17, 2007


Boss cancelled training today! Woo! So the entire club went to PS to 'watch a movie'. We got there after the movie started. Not so woo. Then we had lunch at the food court and we got drawn into a conversation about what goes into herbal soup. TIGER PENISES. Who'd have thought that? xing hao and ziyi like. Oh yes. They like very much. sick bastards :p

Then we walked from PS to heeren and OMFG long way la. My feet are screaming in pain.
*little screamy voices*
yep. that's them.
I hate orchard road.

yar. Then we went to starbucks and played orientation games and went home. That was fun!
So in a nutshell, we ponned training for a shooting outing. SEKS. We should do this more often.
Coach wouldn't approve xD

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