Thursday, January 31, 2008

My blog turned one around 2 weeks ago. HAHAHAHAHA

Sup ma' homies.

I like talks at the PAC. The chairs are extremely comfortable. Nice.
I like GP. Just not writing. Nice. In a way.
I like double breaks, although the air con in the library is a bit too cold. Nice too.
I dislike maths tutorials and idiotic maths teacher. Not nice. (but classmates imitating said teacher is fine. I am most amused! :D)
I like econs lectures. Comfortable LT. Nice.
I HATE-ABHOR-DETEST-LOATHE chem tutorials. Applies todisgusting and repugnant chem teachers too. NOT NICE. IN FACT, IT'S DOWNRIGHT TORTUROUS TO SIT THROUGH CHEM TUTORIALS.
I LOVE SHOOTING. Nice people. (: NICEST.

I was too lazy to string the entire day's events into a coherent paragraph. So what's above is all you're gonna get. HAH. It's MY blog anyway.


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