Saturday, February 23, 2008

hullo again. i feel like i'm going to die already.

i think CTs are going to be horribly difficult. i'm studying but all the info is leaking out almost immediatly after it goes in and my attention span is damn short. and getting even shorter by the moment. :(

i am a lousy student.

ok. on a lighter note, it was muthu's bday today (or yesterday, rather). first willing taupok victim i've seen hahahaha! happy birthday yo! :D

pe was fun. now i want to play frisbee again. just need to go buy a frisbee. again. thanks to LL. asshole.

i think math tutorials/lectures make me lethargic and cynical. or maybe it's just LL. prolly just LL.

then there was the bazaar.
dunno. nothing to say about it

went to watch handball while waiting for night study to start. now i want to play handball again. hmm. that sounds familiar. guess i'm fickle. whatever.

went for night study and started day dreaming after two hours. i was drawing cartoon FFS.
ok. no more dream job. bye pilotting.

then after that val, muthu, kai and i went to TP to meet mel at mac's. (?????) aiya i can't be bothered to type anymore goodnight

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