Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today, i found out:

1) that my CJ uniform's shirt and trousers are a different shade of blue (the shirt's slightly darker). I also bought a new bag and it is teh seks. of course, to each his own opinion, but it's like i said, teh seks. HAH!

2) oh and gabriel and i took a video (2 actually) during bio prac while we were supposed to be writing our reports. lewlz. something involving makeshift lightsabers with capillary tubes HAHAHAHAHA.

3) making comments about how exhausting PE is is really quite enjoyable. especially when you're exempted from PE. LOL. (sorry classmates. slightly bastard xD)

4) errm it's really windy and comfortable sitting outside class during math tutorial. :x

ok i can't think of anything else. if you havent already noticed, i typed everything in reverse chronological order. yep. that's how boring my day was. so much so that i have to think of ways to artificially spice things up. -.-

and i'm glad we had that talk too. :)
thanks for starting the talk because i would never have. well, not anytime soon anyway. no balls you see. :s

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