Saturday, March 15, 2008





Sadness. ):

Here's yesterday in a nutshell:
-Breakfast-ed with nic, chris and andrew at TP. All late. tsk tsk tsk hahahaha
-Went to school after that to supposedly 'help out'. Ended up playing cards at the ODAC area with nic, chris and val until ms fan came and stopped us haha. And val owes us drinks.
-Went back to the range when it was time for the guys to shoot. Sat and chatted with pet, ben, fanny, eelin. They were talking about how PW is a flawed system. :o (agree? yes, no?)
-Then lao shi came and played daidi with us! Way cool yo!

Went for sushi buffet after that with val, chris, jolene and kai. Now i'm broke. bleh.
And i have to pay for chris' lane fee later at training. LOLOL
Stupid lion king. :P

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