Friday, March 7, 2008

i want to slap my sis. she's singing in the shower and it's damn loud and effing irritating and she's ignoring me when i ask her to shut up. bitch.

in other news:

CT is over. hell yeah!
now there's about a week before we get back our results (HALLO 4 U's), upon which my parents will probably cut me up and feed me to the dog.
not that we actually have a dog. but parents are resourceful.

...acutally, you know what, i wouldn't mind having a dog. dogs are cool. just not ugly ass pitbulls. those are the fugliest things on earth. like mutants of mutants of mutated dogs.

yep. ok i'm thinking about mutants now cos i just watched doom. yea, that sci-fi action flick about mutants/aliens on mars. the mutants in that show are cool. repulsive and ugly but still cool. actually no, i change my mind. they're just disgusting, what with all the exposed tendons and sinewy muscles.


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