Saturday, March 1, 2008

im scanning gp essay outlines atm.
tbh, i think they're really quite useless.
ah well. if i must, i must.
but i'm doing this while it's raining outside, such a nice morning to sleep in, with nice weather to boot!
and i'm scanning gp stuff. bleh.
i resent being the gp rep.

ok i'm half done now.
let's find some other random topic to talk about.
or rather, let me find some other topic to talk about, since blogging is somewhat like a monologue.

oh you know how night study is supposed to be productive, seeing as how it is time purposely set aside for us to study? it's the total opposite for me. i study better at mac's.
Mac's study FTW!
besides, you get the occasional whiff of freshly fried fries. nothing can beat that! :D
except maybe BK fries!
or carl's jr. fries. hmm...
fickle huh?

ok i'm done with the scanning. but it's not done raining!

YES!!!! BACK TO BED! ^.^

eh shit no. i still have to send the scanned pages to my classmates.
[insert appropriately vulgar swear]

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