Sunday, March 30, 2008

money plants ≠ constant flow of cash

Now I have to be sneaky when I come online in order to escape incessant nagging. TSK.

And I finally got my allowance. 1/8 of it is as good as gone cos I have debts to repay. Thanks to all who lent me $$. I can finally pay you guys back haha (:

Then there's that water gun which I'm going to buy to have a water war, that'll prolly cost about another 1/8 of my allowance, not forgetting the bus concession, plus class fund, and that's half my allowance gone before I've actually spent anything. Finally, factor in all those after-training outings/dinners and I'm close to broke.

I need a financial planner friend please.


Today's training was good. (:

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