Monday, March 10, 2008

You know what i hate? As in really hate. Hate until cannot hate anymore, and then some. Ok, that's kind of a paradox. But you get my point.

What i really, really loathe are teachers who think they can be totally anal and throw bitchfits at us students just cos they are teachers. Can't just give warning isit? HUH SLUT. MUST CONFISCATE AH. DON'T CONFISCATE WILL DIE ISIT!?

i ask you, what will confiscating my frisbee achieve? GOOD FOR YOU LA. PICK ON STUDENTS. YOU VERY BIG LA. YOU WIN LOR. @!#$.

Note that i'm not angry that my frisbee was confiscated, i just don't like the teacher that confiscated it. More precisely, I DONT LIKE HER FACE. Call me childish, but if i had the cash to waste, i would buy more frisbees just to spite her. i'm going to find her photo on the staff list and deface it before i leave CJ.

sorry, just had to let that out somewhere.


Anyway, had training today. i think i've pretty much forgotten how to shoot. Or maybe i just have lesser patience. Bah. :/

Went to watch 10,000 BC after that with teh shewterz. SEGS. Not a bad show, but you can't see that from the trailers, which aren't horribly engaging if you ask me. But don't let the trailers fool you, go catch it! Besides, the girl's pretty. (:

i love pasta.

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