Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ugh. Training at HTNS is a bitch. Not that I feel any less towards shooting but I just wish that HTNS was nearer to my house and I don't have to take a bloody hour and a half to get home. I reached home only at 11 FFS. >:(

This entire week has been damn tiring. HELLO MY WEEKEND. I'll see you in 24 hours! :D

Oh, and I got pranked by val on april fool's (nah la. I blogged about it :p). Stupid girl. Got me all worked up for nothing. TSKKKKKK. :/
And it totally slipped my mind that april 1st = april fool's and I actually forgot to prank anyone. :/
Bah. Now I have to wait another year.

OK time to sleep. I'm like, dead beat. I wouldn't mind sleeping in tomorrow morning and turning up late for school or not turn up at all(tempting. very tempting.).
G'nite y'all!

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