Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I can type coherently. I think.

Random phrase of the day: Tissue rejection.
Definition: To turn down another person's offer of a tissue.
I need a new bag. My current one is fugly, old as hell and almost falling apart. I could try and pass it off as 'vintage' but I'd just be lying to myself. lol.

Results are going to be released next week! At first I thought it would be on the 5th. Then Rachael said it'll be on the 9th. I'm hoping it'll be on the 7th. Then I'll get to miss the x-country run. Muahaha! But w/e. Bloody excited. Hope I'll do well for comb. sci. As for humanities... BLEARGH.


shooting was fun today. As usual. 3 of us guys and another 3 girls had the range mostly to ourselves with the exception of a few J2s. Became hard to shoot after about 30 shots though. Stupid rifle was swaying everywhere. Ended up rushing through the last few shots and screwed them up. GAH. Can't wait for Fri & Sat to come! There's nothing better than ending the week with something you like doing =)


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