Tuesday, January 30, 2007

yay! GPA!

HAHAHA! $150! Pity it's going straight into the bank. But no matter. Payday's nearing ^.^

Today was LOL. That's the closest you can come to describing it. Jokes and lame shit galore! Poor Jagan. He had to endure us making fun of him. I don't know why we call him 'gaygen'. I think Su Ying or Syairah started it. I don't find it particularly funny, but w/e rocks their boat...

Shooting tmr! HUZZAH! Shooting keeps Weds and Fris fun!^.^
Nicholas's going for some NCC stuff soon though. Which means he'll miss trainings on Fris... Which, in turn means that he'll be shooting instead of doing PT on Weds... Meh.


Anyway, can't wait for this Sat to arrive! Hopefully I don't screw it up :P

That's all.

No Fear.

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