Monday, June 25, 2007

Been having wierd dreams lately. As in REALLY wierd. Not the fightingmonsterspowerrangerstyle wierd but even wierder than that. Not really making any sense am I? Nevermind.

Finished studying for bio today! YESH! Not much to study at all. Should have done it last week then I'll be relaxing now. Now there's only econs, maths and chem to study for. Screw chinese. Actually, come to think of it, screw the midyears. Waste of my time. PW too. @!$#ing cunts at MOE. Bastards.

I wish I was old enough to drive. I would like a car. *ahem* 13Dec *ahem* birthday *ahem*. Thank you very much.

Oh and I was in Popular today and guess what I bought? A white pen! Rather smart. It's about as useful as using a stick of glue on stickers. But look on the bright side. Now I can write teh secrets messages on white paper with my new secret white penz! Just like teh spiez in teh moviez! OMFG SO COoOoOOLZzZZzzZz.

err... I didn't just tpe that. Wasn't me. I swear.


Dinnertime. Bye.

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