Sunday, June 24, 2007

WHY SO MANY EIGHTS? WHY? Today's shoot wasn't really what I was hoping for. I mean 538???? Come on. Not that I didn't have many tens. I had quite a few tens but also almost the same amount of eights. @!$#. And that last series. UGH. 79. ZOMGWTF?!?!!?!? I think having my own suit would be nice. Yes, very nice indeed.


Ok that monthly shoot's over, it's time to mug. Starting now. Oh joy. By mug, I mean staring at my notes blankly and hoping desperately that I remember everything. Doesn't that sound fun? meh... Who am I kidding. I probably won't even look at my notes again tonight 'cos there's LOST at 11. (:

Ah screw midyears. it's only 20% anyway. New, SEXY guns in TWO(2!!!) weeks! But I digress.

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