Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm bored now that midyears are over. Even gaming doesn't seem as fun as it was last week. I think I get a kick out of doing stuff that I’m not supposed to do. Heh.

Went back to Maris Stella with andrew and nicholas the day before to bring suits to the NPCC people who are shooting at nationals this year. Lucky asses. Got the yearbook as well. I can’t decide if I like the new design better. It’s an interesting design but the old one sort of grew on me. :/ Well, the shooting range at MSHS is rather OK. Could do with a few touch ups but it has the basics. Stayed till around 530…

THEN while me and andrew were in the primary school canteen, some genius decided to close the shutters and thus locking us in. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO SMART. Ended up climbing out of school. Andrew took a video of me climbing and I must say it looks kinda cool. ‘Cos I’m in it. haha jk. Maybe. :p(send the vid to me yea) Oh, and there were badminton people locked up with us too. They were still training when we left though so I wonder what would have happened if andrew and I didn’t tell someone in the general office about the lack of exits. Probably would have played till everyone left and then figure out they were locked in. MUAHAHAHA!


Chinese was kinda boring. I think I did the best 作文 I have even written this year. One and a half pages! Accomplishment! Second half of the paper was utter rubbish. I ended up guessing the answers for the MCQs and simply choosing random sentences from the passage for the compre part. Sitting through a 3 hour chinese paper is no joke. Kills you mentally.

Bus-ed home after the paper. I still don't know how I dropped my wallet on the bus but yea. Thanks to whoever it was that picked it up. (:

DoD-ed with ryan for a while. Met ryan, DH and derrence at serangoon then MRT-ed to vivo for shawn’s bday.

To quote ryan: “Wah! The floor damn nice!”

Derrence said the whole place looked like a big standard chartered branch with the green and blue deco. Then there was this open area on the roof which was kiddy themed and they had horse rides for little kids. The thing was, the horses weren’t real and to make them move, you had to move the seat up and down. It would take too long to explain it fully but my point is, it’s damn funny to see little kids humping horses. And a bit disturbing too ‘cos they’re all like squealing with delight while blissfully ignorant to the fact that they look rater obscene. But I digress.

Met with most of 4K there then went to queue at shushi tei. We got this wee, little room to squeeze 14 people in. OK la it wasn’t that bad la. Just nice nia. We spent like 2 hours in that room, mostly talking cock and messing around and making a lot of noise. Jacob was touching everyone at every chance he could get. ROFL. Some things never change. xD Actually, none of them have changed much. ‘Cept for jared’s hair. rofl, Can you say big?

Went to daiso after dinner and bought a new pencil case. OK, so it’s meant to be a laptop cover but it’s big so I like it. Then we went to the arcade. The rich kids (ryan and shane) played pool while the poor kids (everyone else) played other stuff. Lucien and I thrashed everyone at air hockey. HAHA PWNED! Then I got thrashed by greg at the cool fighter jet game. The seat moves! coolness.


I realized my phone screen had a crack. A BIG M*********KING CRACK. Now my phone has half a screen. goody.


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