Monday, July 2, 2007

Familiar? I changed back to this skin because you guys were complaining about the other one being too troublesome. Well, hope you're happy now. You better be, you bunch of lazy people. :p

Bought an ID tag today. coolness. Only I missed out some stuff that I wanted to put on it and now it's too late to change it. Why do I always do this kind of things?!? Why!?!

Went to the library to "do econs project". Ended up sitting around discussing ideas because there were no magazines for reference. What kind of a stupid library doesn't stock up on common magazines? Not very useful at all. Borrowed Green Lantern comics! WOO! GL PWNS ALL. Except for the Silver Surfer, Batman, Ironman, Superman (sometimes), Green Arrow, Spiderman and the Flash. These guys pwn as much as the GL! The rest can go SCBB. :D

OHOH and when I went to the nokia help centre to get my phone fixed, I was greeted with a glassy stare because I was staring at my reflection in the glass. HAHAHAHA. It was closed la.

Sorry, couldn't resist. Bad joke, I know.

I'm still deciding on whether I should study for chem SPA tomorrow. I think I will.


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