Tuesday, July 17, 2007

and desperation sets in... right now, I'm doing anything just to postpone doing EoM, blogging included.

That was sort of the topic of dicussion today haha. Spartans came up in almost every discussion, especially during PE.
floorball sticks = spears

Besides PE, the rest of the day was rather boring. Econs + chem lectures. Almost fell asleep in both so there's not much to say about those. Then there was chinese listening compre which was rather OK. Not the best I've done, but should be able to pass it anyway. And then I came home after that and now I'm typing out this post.

Wow. I've managed to summarise the last 10 hours in to almost as many lines. AMAZING.

OK seriously, wtf. I'm being sarcastic to myself. Must be because I'm frantically typing out anything that comes to mind in the hope that it'll take up a loooooong time and I won't have to do EoM.


Who am I kidding?...
EoM is INEVITABLE. I think I'll go do it now. I've run out of excuses. ):

Curse you! Whoever you are that came up with PW. Curse you for eternity. May a plague be upon your entire family for generations to come.

That might have been a bit long but it's more satisfying than a simple 'fuck you'. 'Fuck you' is overused.

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