Monday, July 16, 2007

I HAVE INTERNET! Yes! Finally, after an entire weekend with no connection to the outside world(save for my handphone), I'm back to civilisation! Now I can surf the net(!), blog(!), chat on msn(!), game(!)... do EoM. Farg.

Watched Harry Potter yesterday. My view still stands. The movies pale in comparison to the books. A lead actor whose best portrayal of emotion makes him look constipated doesn't really help either. My only regret was that Sirius Black didn't get enough screen time before he died. He was always one of my favourite characters in the books. :/

Too bad if I gave away the ending. But then again, who hasn't already read the book. :P

Annoying stuff: having the phone ringing and noone else bothers to answer it. I DISLIKE answering phones.

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